Parallelizing tracking algorithms


  • María Carina Roldán III-LIDI (Institute of Research in Computer Sciences LIDI), Facultad de Informática. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. La Plata, 1900, Argentina.
  • Marcelo Naiouf III-LIDI (Institute of Research in Computer Sciences LIDI), Facultad de Informática. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. La Plata, 1900, Argentina.
  • Armando Eduardo De Giusti III-LIDI (Institute of Research in Computer Sciences LIDI), Facultad de Informática. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. La Plata, 1900, Argentina.


Parallel Algorithms, Tracking, Computer Vision, Heterogeneous Multiprocessors, MPI


In several applications, the trajectory of an entity, a feature or an object has to be tracked over a sequence of image frames. When the processing is to be performed in real time, there are important constraints leading to the parallelization of tracking algorithms. This paper presents the results of a concrete implementation, which deals with the particular case of simple objects moving in an context reachable by the vision element (video camera). The steps involved in the solution development are detailed, specially in relation to their parallelization by using a computer heterogeneous network and MPI (Message Passing Interface) support. Finally, an analysis of the different algorithms behavior is carried out together with the obtained results assessment, which allows knowing the performed parallelization efficiency, and determining under which conditions this solution turns out to be the best one.


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