Geometric-textured bitree: transmission of a multiresolution terrain the Internet


  • María José Abásolo Guerrero Graphics and Vision Unit. Mathematics and Computer Science Department University of the Balearic Islands, Palma, Spain
  • Francisco José Perales Lopez Graphics and Vision Unit. Mathematics and Computer Science Department University of the Balearic Islands, Palma, Spain
  • Armando Eduardo De Giusti III-LIDI (Institute of Research in Computer Sciences LIDI), Facultad de Informática. Universidad Nacional de La Plata. La Plata, 1900, Argentina.


Progressive Transmission, Quadtree Triangulation, Multiresolution Model, Multiresolution Analysis, Wavelets, Texture Classification and Segmentation, Texture synthesis


Transmission of large terrain databases across the Internet is still worrying. A large terrain database requires a big number of polygons and textures, and that represents a problem with current bandwidth and resource limitations. Multiresolution models permit progressive transmission, that is the transmission of a simple model followed by successive refinements. In this work we present a new multiresolution model called Geometric-Textured Bitree. In contrast with most of recent works, it makes possible the progressive transmission of not only geometry but also the texture of a terrain model. Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis is applied to the selection of geometry points and, texture segmentation. Also a new texture synthesis process based on Wavelet classification is presented.


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