Feedback scheduling of real-time control systems with resource constraints


  • Feng Xia College of Information Science & Engine ering, Zhejiang University, China


This thesis observes the emerging trend of convergence of control with computing and communication. By exploiting control and scheduling codesign, we study some practical and open problems in RTCSs from a unique viewpoint of dynamic resource management. Considering constraints on three representative kinds of resources, i.e. CPU time, energy, and network bandwidth, we present a set of feedback scheduling methods that exploit a unified technological framework. They provide enabling technologies for closed-loop dynamic resource scheduling, and tackle some essential problems in the emerging field of feedback scheduling. Meanwhile, this thesis holistically addresses the problem of dynamic allocation of bottleneck resources within RTCSs, thus providing flexible QoC management mechanisms and achieving overall performance optimization under dynamic environments


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Xia, F. (2007). Feedback scheduling of real-time control systems with resource constraints. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 7(03), p. 263–264. Retrieved from



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