A Framework for Migration of SOA based Applications to Microservices Architecture


  • Vinay Raj National Institute of Technology Warangal




Microservices, Service Oriented Architecture, Migration


This Distributed systems have evolved rapidly as the demand for independent design, and deployment of
software applications has increased. It has emerged from the monolithic style of client-server architecture to
service-oriented architecture, and then to the trending microservices. Monolithic applications are difficult to
update, maintain, and deploy as it makes the application code very complex to understand. To overcome the design
and deployment challenges in monolithic applications, service oriented architecture has emerged as a style of
decomposing the entire application into loosely coupled, scalable, and interoperable services. Though SOA has
become popular in the integration of multiple applications using the enterprise service bus, there are few
challenges related to delivery, deployment, governance, and interoperability of services. Additionally, the services
in SOA applications are tending towards monolithic in size with the increase in changing user requirements. To
overcome the design and maintenance challenges in SOA, microservices has emerged as a new architectural style
of designing applications with loose coupling, independent deployment, and scalability as key features.


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Raj, V. . (2021). A Framework for Migration of SOA based Applications to Microservices Architecture. Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 21(2), e18. https://doi.org/10.24215/16666038.21.e18



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