Blockchain-Based Music Wallet for Copyright Protection in Audio Files

Blockchain-Based Music Wallet for Copyright Protection in Audio Files




Blockchain, Music Wallet, Data Security, Copyright Protection


The works produced within the music industry are
presented to their listeners on a digital platform,
taking advantage of technology. The problems of the
past, such as pirated cassettes and CDs, have left their
place to the problem of copyright protection on digital
platforms today. Block chain is one of the most
reliable and preferred technologies in recent times
regarding data integrity and data security. In this
study, a blockzincir-based music wallet model is
proposed for safe and legal listening of audio files.
The user's selected audio files are converted into
block chain structure using different techniques and
algorithms and are kept securely in the user's music
wallet. In the study, performance comparisons are
made with the proposed model application in terms of
the length of time an ordinary audio player can add
new audio files to the list and the response times of
the user. The findings suggest that the proposed
model implementation has acceptable differences in
performance with an ordinary audio player.


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