JCS&T in REDIB Journals Ranking 2019


Recently, REDIB has published the 2019 edition of its Journals Ranking. In this edition, the JCS&T has improved its performance regarding previous years:

- The global ranking considers all countries and categories, having 1071 journals in total. In this edition, the JCS&T has moved up from #688 to #464 and also has increased the percent of cited papers from 6.201% to 7.407%.

- Filtering by Physical/Engineering Sciences, the JCS&T also improved its mark, going up 11 positions to #36.

- Finally, the JCS&T is #1 for the second year running  considering Argentinian journals from Physical/Engineering Sciences.

About the REDIB Ranking

The REDIB Ranking analyses the citations of indexed articles to indexed articles, and then adds these article-to-article citations for each journal.

The REDIB Ranking goes much further than a simple calculation of the citations made in the given period and dividing this figure by the number of articles. Rather, it contextualises the citations in each subject area, taking into account certain factors (number of publications, expected average impact, etc.) The REDIB Ranking differs from other rankings of similar document bodies in the sense that it is the only one that calculates expected citations or which compares its journals with the rest of the world, outside its own corpus.

The ranking does not analyse the publications as a whole. Rather, the data provided about each of the journals are obtained by aggregating the data gathered through analysing each of the articles and then contextualising them, as mentioned above.