Third Issue: Research in Computer Science: State of the Art


Third Issue: Research in Computer Science: State of the Art

State of the Art | ISSN: 1666-6038

 Letter from the Editor

The Argentine Congress of Computer Science (CACIC 99) was held during October 1999 in Tandil (Bs. As.). CACIC is an annual international forum for the presentation, discussion and dissemination of new research on Computer Science and for the demonstration of technology applications. It is sponsored by the RedUNCI (Network of Universities with Computer Science tittles) and this year, as in the preceding years, five days of the Congress were overlapped with an International School of Computer Science with short courses.

Once again, acceptance into the Congress proceedings was extremely competitive. In addition, from the accepted papers a reduced number, selected by the Congress’ chairman, were sent to external referees for considering their inclusion in this issue. Selective and corrective process took about 1 year.

Now, just in October 2000 our number 3 is ready.

As Dr. Ramiro Jordan said in his initial Letter from the Editor, “If we can contribute with R&D results in Information Technology (IT), with our grain of sand to the worldwide scientific community, we have made a difference”.


Ing. Armando E. De Giusti.
University of La Plata

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Lic. Cecilia Sanz