Fourth Issue: Computer Science Research


Special Issue on Computer Science Research

ISSN: 1666-6038
 Letter from the Editor


In this number we present eight papers and two thesis overview (Magister level). Different aspects of Computer Science Research are covered, from theoretical to experimental work.

We include a special invited paper on “Fetch unit design for scalable simultaneous multithreading (ScSMT)” from the Computer Architecture and Operating System Group (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona), and seven papers selected from 22 contributions received.

A new section named “Thesis Overview” is presented. There, we would like to present short abstracts about exposed Thesis in Computer Science (MS and Phd level), so our readers can contact authors and receive more information about research lines of their interest.

Now we are processing contributions for number 5 and number 6 of our Journal, based on papers presented at the Argentine Congress of Computer Science (CACIC’00), in Ushuaia during October 2000.

Ing. Armando E. De Giusti.

Universidad de La Plata

“If we can contribute with R&D results in Information Technology (IT), with our grain of sand to the worldwide scientific community, we have made a difference”.

Dr. Ramiro Jordan

 Invited Paper  


Book Review

Thesis Overview